Discover what this amazing species known as the "mushroom of immortality" can do for your health

Discover nature’s remedy known as the “mushroom of immortality” since ancient times.

For thousands of years healers have sought out the powerful natural Sang Hwang mushroom to treat a wide variety of ailments from burns and skin problems to internal afflictions like organ imbalance, allergies and cancer.

Today over 1,500 modern-era published scientific studies support what was believed by traditional medicine practitioners for centuries:

Sang Hwang mushroom is mother nature’s greatest gift for supporting human immune function and overall health.

Discovered biological activity of Sang Hwang:*

  • Anti-oxidant & anti-aging
  • Stem cell (CD34, CD133) activation
  • Stimulate macrophages, B-Lymphocytes, NK
  • Anticancer & tumour growth inhibition
  • Repair DNA & restore function
  • Chemoprevention
  • Cell proliferation
  • SLE (Lupus)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Alzheimer's
  • Psoriasis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lower global inflammation
  • Restore weakened immunity
  • Aid protection of organs
  • Induction of apoptosis

*Studies conducted both in vitro and in vivo, some using animal models. Please see phellinus research for full details.

Quality of life

Many research publications have shown Sang Hwang to have many beneficial applications for human health, such as drastically improving quality of life for those suffering from the side effects of chronic illnesses or powerful medical treatments like chemotherapy. 10 11

Studies show that key components inside Sang Hwang mushroom can play an important role in reducing the severity of side effects like chronic nausea, loss of appetite and irregular sleep patterns. 12 13

Hear from others who have added Amazing Grace Sang Hwang products to their daily routine as a natural and safe way to improve quality of life.

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Ancient Remedy,
Modern Methods

At Amazing Grace we believe in an integrative approach to good health: combining modern medical science with the timeless remedy of natural Sang Hwang mushroom for a robust immune system.

Amazing Grace’s products are made from 100% pure natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius fruiting bodies sourced from the wild.

The mushrooms are carefully checked using advanced technology and techniques to ensure authenticity and the correct amounts of healthy compounds inside.

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Global Experts

Our research team comprises leading scientists and doctors from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore. Together they have published dozens of papers on the many properties of Sang Hwang and its applications to health sciences.

A message from
Dr. Frank

At Amazing Grace, our approach to physical health emphasises empowering our immune system to enable a balanced state of health. Since beginning my research on this incredible species more than 15 years ago, I have believed that with the right support from the compounds found naturally inside Sang Hwang mushroom, our immune system can take care of the rest.

Seeing the many health improvements in people who have introduced Sang Hwang mushrooms their lives is what keeps all of us at Amazing Grace Biotech working hard to combine traditional wisdom with modern science for the benefit of human health.

I invite you to enjoy improved health in many areas of life with the aid of safe, natural and potent Sang Hwang.

Founder, Amazing Grace Health International
Founder, Thai-Korea Natural Phellinus Research Centre

Mark L, Gordon, M.D. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jennifer M. F. Wan
Just since 2008, over 2,500 articles have been written about the benefits of P. linteus for global inflammation, anti-diabetic effect, and its cancer prevention and treatment potential. The scientific literature offers a window of opportunity for the use of this mushroom in selected treatment cases as well as for prevention and general wellness. As a research scientist in the anti-aging, longevity and wellness arena I am introducing the Amazing Grace product formulated on purified Phellinus linteus to my patients worldwide.
Mark L, Gordon, M.D.
Founder, Millennium Health Group - Encino, California USA
The structural diversity and diverse biological effects of Phellinus allow industrial applications as food, dietary supplements (tonic), cosmetics, and medicine. With humankind continuing to face environmental deterioration and new health challenges, a regular intake of mushroom extracts may help to reduce disease incidence, provide healthier living a prolonged lifespan.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jennifer M. F. Wan
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

your natural solution

Sang Hwang mushroom, also known as Meshima in Japan, is a tree-growing species of fungi called Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius. Over 470 species from the Phellinus family have been identified but only two contain the most highly desired beneficial health properties: Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius. 1
These Sang Hwang species have been shown repeatedly with modern research to be safe for human consumption and helpful for a wide variety of ailments. 2

Key research milestones for Sang Hwang mushroom (Phellinus linteus & Phellinus igniarius):

1968 – National research project of Japan conducted at Tokyo University reveals Phellinus linteus extracts to have:

Tumour inhibition rate*

* Research conducted using direct application of Phellinus linteus extracts to tumour site in animal-based models 3

Studies in Korea since 1990s have revealed Sang Hwang can boost innate immune system cells like :
T-Lymphocyte cells 3-5 times
Macrophages times
NK cells times
B cells 129 times

Sources: T-Lymphocyte 4 5 , Macrophage 6 7 , Natural Killer 8, B-Cells 9
For many more research listings please visit Key Phellinus Research.

Phellinus for Life

After many years of development at Amazing Grace Biotech, natural Sang Hwang mushroom can now be enjoyed in many formats to improve all areas of your health.

– Aid liver function
– Increase liver protection
– Strong & balanced immunity

Made in Switzerland

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– Strengthen innate immunity
– Anti-oxidant & anti-aging
– Balance adaptive immunity

Made in Switzerland

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ImmuneGuard Extra Strength
ImmuneGuard Extra Strength

– Reduce chemotherapy side effects*
– Reduce autoimmune symptoms*
– Strong & balanced immunity

Made in Switzerland

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to Quality

Our most important investment over 15 years has been in quality control, assurance, batch testing and analysis. Adding the most rigorous quality control checks at every stage allows us to ensure consistent amounts of active ingredients of the highest purity.

Our commitment to quality assurance and best industry practices allows us to enjoy the timeless natural wonders of Sang Hwang mushroom with modern day scientific precision.

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Phellinus Research

Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius are the two Sang Hwang species with known biological activities, including immunomodulatory or direct antitumor activities. The bioactivity of Sang Hwang is associated with the presence of polysaccharides, their peptide/protein complexes and other low molecular weight complexes like polyphenols, triterpenoids, amino acids and nucleic acid. 14

Published research indicates the possible beneficial properties of the active ingredients extracted from Sang Hwang mushrooms:

  1. Activate innate immunity as well as balance innate and adaptive immunity 15 16
  2. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels 17 18
  3. Anti-tumour & growth inhibition of existing tumors 19 20
  4. Diminish side effects from chemotherapy 21 22
  5. Alleviate allergy problems and manage free radicals 23 24
  6. Provide increased organ protection (liver) 25 26
  1. Increase the liver’s metabolism (liver protection) 27 28
  2. Lower high blood pressure and reduce high density lipid-cholesterol level (prevent heart and brain diseases) 29 30
  3. Anti-inflammatory effect 31 32
  4. Boosting stem cells CD34 & CD133, which will become immune cells 33
  5. Anti-tumour & growth inhibition of existing tumors 34 35
  1. Anti-oxidant function and protection against aging damage 36 37
  2. Anti-tumour and growth inhibition of tumours 38
  3. Inducing of apoptosis in cancer cells 39
  1. Repairs DNA/RNA damaged by age or illness 40
  2. Restores normal DNA/RNA functionality to prevent DNA mutation 41
  3. Active free radical scavenging 42

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